Dutch Magazine Nouveau - Dutch people are jealous! Dutch seem especially jealous of other people's appearance.

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For a democratic country and kapatalistic system we often think people of the Netherlands are lovable and appreciate talent and good looking people. On the contrary Dutch people are often jealous. It's either the talent or the good looks of a female or male but not both at the same time.

The Dutch people seem especially jealous of other people's appearance in any way possible.

Men compare themselves with others in the field of talent. In addition, they compare themselves more than women on work related issues such as career and salary, according to a recent survey by Dutch magazine Nouveau. When talking about the women outside appearance they always switch to other subjects; then the physical. Thereby the Dutch women think if she can do it on the television why can't we do the same in a dress withouth looking at their body sizes and requiring appearance on the television.

The women in the Netherlands can't look good and can't be smart at the same time. Otherwise they get irritated. Rapports have been they are even jaleous on princes Maxima and Yolantha Cabau van Kasbergen. The days that women outside appearance are getting appreciated is out because not all Dutch women have a size 36. Women look more at others in the area of emotional issues such as attention and friendship, but also external things like people's character or style.

Linda de Mol is a good example, not that good looking but a gifted speaker. She can speak herselve out of anything during entertainment shows. Note that there are plenty good looking Dutch women and men but simply don't get the change and are afraid to stand in the spotlights.

Dutch men can be quite jaleous when other males look good, often says you can't have everyting in one package. Dutch men and women regardless of age, have one thing in common: 35% of all respondents is jealous of other people's talents, such as musicality, speaking a foreign language or a singing talent. Only one quarter of the people is never jealous.

People in their thirties are the most jealous in research and senior citizens are less jealous. Both men and women find that others often look better but never actually admit it. Money (72%) and houses (56%) are the most important things in the material world as a source of jealousy. Lastly, 85% of women are easily jealous, compared with 75% of men. The Netherlands is getting heavy influenced by femenistic believes at costs of the Dutch people own good appareance.

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What the *** are you talking about?

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Please, if you are going to write, learn how to spell. There is no excuse, especially with a computer & spell check.

to Tammy Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia #1260948

Unless, perhaps, English is not your first language as is the case in this instance.

Content should be the most important criteria followed, at a distance, by the mechanics of writing.

This is not a scathing rebuke.

I suspect we've all been guilty of over minding the medium and missing the message.McLuhan might disagree.

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